Activation free iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,5c,6,6s,6(plus) 7,7(plus) all iOS 2019

Download all files in free download options:

Download option 1:

The activation imei of your is registered in the vps servers of apple in a negative way. This device will be unlocked automatically just complete,

the process through the vps server for pc, connect the device to iTunes and press the unlock button.

You can download all the activation files from your device in the following, download options, remember that the VPS hosts server  is limited to 5 devices per user every 1 hour, 

the VPS server is completely free to enjoy.

Download option 2:

How to use the apple server to  UNLOCK vps press *#06# or on the back of the blocking device to obtain the unique identification,  

code IMEI copy it and enter it to our vps server automatically our erver will connect to the servers ReaderApple.com Apple.com 

and the unlocking process automatically begins this method is 100% FREE.

Download option 3:

in the following video tutorial we will show you the steps of how to use the program to choose the unlocking

 of your iphone or ipad follow all the instructions of use. good luck.


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