A New version of PurpleRestore Restorer ls.pkg

A New version of PurpleRestore RestoreTools.pkg

Download PurpleRestore RestoreTools.pkg

I get my hands on the iOS 9 PurpleRestore  Alphab               (13th May) Just got the new version of
PurpleRestore to install it as well!


New files Restore tools.pkg from 2015 updated
RestoreTools.pkg is a package seeded to some Apple employees.

It contains the following Mac applications: PurpleRestore, PurpleSNIFF,
PurpleFAT,DCSD, PurpleBuildSanitizer

  • Name: RestoreTools.pkg
  • Size: 19.74 MB
  • Created: 2015-03-05

A New version of PurpleRestore Restorer ls.pkg
I think ios9 will be the next major update version                         of Apple’s

the mobile operating system is already in                               Apple’s developer center for download.

We don’t know a lot about iOS 9 yet, but according                     to rumors, the update

may focus more on optimization,  stability, and security improvements it

seems not big changes in design but I check new features related to apple watch.

With iOS 8, Apple introduced a major design overhaul, the company debuted

features like workflow, Apple Pay, and new app abilities like extensions and widgets.

It may seem Apple is having a hard time marketing the iOS 9 looks

good that doesn’t come with the flashy additions we got in       iOS 7 and

iOS 8, but this beta version of iOS that fine-tunes what Apple introduced

in the previous iOS, updates will likely be very popular with people who

have suffered from bugs in iOS 8.

Apple’s latest major update to its mobile operating system was released to the public last week, and people have put the new iOS 8 software through its paces over the weekend.

Yet judging by the outcries from users on Twitter, iOS 8 is still far from polished. Many complain that the software is currently full of bugs that still need to be worked out.