Activation Lock

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Activation Lock - new security feature iOS 7, which caused a number of complaints from users, however, allows a truly radical way to protect sensitive data in case of loss or theft of a smartphone. However, as demonstrated by the author of the reporting video, panacea this function failed to become.



It is worth noting that the lion's share of users who are experiencing the problem «locked» phones, is not criminals, but rather the opposite - the victims, who purchased smartphone on the secondary market. Such cases occur quite often - a person buys an iPhone with iOS 7 on Board,  restore firmware it and receives the well-known «brick», so as to activate the device without an Apple ID and password of the previous owner impossible.


Recently on YouTube there was interesting video, the author demonstrates how to bypass Activation Lock iOS 7 without Apple ID, using the bug is detected by the operating system. By itself, the video is a detailed instruction and describe it in detail makes no sense. We note only that the author used the vulnerability of the regime VoiceOver and, at least, got access to спрингборду iOS 7. Unfortunately, no further action is confirmed by video recording, however, the author argues that after a time from two hours to two days), the user receives a smartphone that is bound to the new Apple ID, created in the process of «hacking».

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