Apple warns some iCloud users about dodging new data law

Apple warns some users about dodging

new data law:iCloud China data migration

Apple iCloud China data migration: App warns some users about dodging new data law.

This week iCloud announced that it was handing over operations of iCloud data services
for customers in China to GCBD, who will manage the data in mainland China.
The change is in an effort to comply with Chinese laws.


Early in 2011, they put iCloud service. Since then, users can upload their photos,
files, memos, contacts, and more to iCloud, and all other App devices machine will keep
automatic updates. If necessary, users even can perform backups and recovery.

Moving from one cloud to another will only affect Chinese customers requires

high-level security. Fortunately, app store and Guizhou-Cloud Big Data both had

a good security solution which has accepted the approval from the government.

This app store privacy changes also make people think about what this means?

Does the Chinese government intend to use icloud as a forensic date? Will it be

Butterfly Effect for other countries? Let’s see what will happen in the next months and years.