Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700 Series Android 7.x.x

How to Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700 Series Android 7.x.x All Sec Patch Level


Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700 By shorting testing points, enable adb mode by shorting testing points, after that download and install FRP Toolsand click on FRP REMOVE button to bypass google account on LG Q6 M700 Series Nougat Devices.

After a long long time, today we got a chance to find out frp solution of LG Q6 m700 series devices, by following this method you can Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700 Android 7.0, 7.1 devices, we don’t think so that there is any other solution except this method. We need to short testing points together so that computer and flasher tool could detect your device com port.

Note This method including unscrew your device and shorting testing points to enable “Qualcomm HS-USB QD-Loader”.

Unscrew LG Q6 to Short Testing Points:

-Unscrew LG Q6.

-Remove Two cable connector as shown in below image.

-Remove “SIM Tray”.

-Now you can easily remove “MotherBoard”.

-After that, in motherboard near “Qualcomm processor Chip,” you will be able to see another chip there.

-Short two “Test Points” from there using any copper or silver conductor. (See below image)

-You can use any tool to joint two testing points together as shown in the above images.

Remember: If you can’t short these points at home, you can look for any mobile repairing shop to short testing points.

-Reconnect battery cable

Let’s Start to Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700:

-Right-click on “My Computer” icon, and then click on “Manage”.

-Now go to “Device Manager”.

-Connect LG Q6 to the computer.


-Make sure “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOADER” driver is being seen there.

Note: If there is “exclamation sign” that means you need to download “Qualcomm USB Driver”.

Download Flasher Software:



password for the zip file is {}

-Turn off “Antivirus”.

-Turn off “Firewall” to avoid “Port Blocking”.

-Install “USB Driver”.

-Extract downloaded software “All in One Tool”.

-Open software, and click on “GSM Flasher Bypass ADB Tool”.

-Allow USB Debugging option, if you get.

-Now, wait 1-2 minute “GSM Flasher Bypass ADB Tool” will detect your device.

-Just click on the “REMOVE FRP” button.

-Once remove frp done, restart your device.

-Now complete the initial setup.

If you are still FRP Locked, Try Another Software:

-Download “Tr Frp Tool”.

⇒ Tr Tool FRP Tool [DOWNLOAD]

password for the zip file is {}

-Open software.

-Click on “Frp Reset” button.

-Wait until it finishes.














Thanks for Visiting, i hope this method has helped you to 
Bypass FRP LG Q6 M700.