Cellebrite UFED Device tools sold on eBay Police forensic

Cellebrite UFED Device tools sold on eBay Police forensic

Cellebrite UFED Police Forensic tools sold on eBay.

This machines can make a forensic image of an iPhone using the Cellebrite UFED Device. 

forensic imaging device for mobile devices, SIM cards and memory cards like SD

cards and micro SD cards. is there an option on the cellebrite touch to do a physical


Last month a man was looking through a pile of hi-fi junk at an auction in the U.K,

he came over an odd-looking device. Easily mistaken for a child’s tablet, it had the

word “Cellebrite” written on it. 

electronic trash, so he left it in his garage to gather dust for eight months.

The incredible was this month, a cybersecurity researcher and a Twitter user from

Hacker House bought a dozen UFED devices and probed them for data.

He discovered that the secondhand kit contained information on what devices


Cellebrite UFED Device tools sold on eBay Police forensic

UFED Universal Forensics Extraction Device is a mobile data extraction and analysis

from mobile phones. Designed for portability, the Cellebrite UFED solution is a

stand-alone device that can be used either in the field or at the lab.



This video demonstrates the capabilities of the universal forensic extraction device for

the police furthermore, is another, powerful standalone mobile forensics solution is designed to extract

forensic evidence from more than 800 different mobile phones this variety of phones also,

includes even more virtually every phone manufacturer all smartphone operating systems in all carriers and cellular network technologies. many types of data can be extracted from mobile phones. passwords,  phonebook, contacts, call history, SMS, text messages photos

taken by the phone camera or received from other phones and video clips, location

the information they may even extract deleted information and content that can be retrieved.

Extracts all information from the phone’s internal memory and SIM card as well.


Source: UnlockMe

first of all, most noteworthy, Complicated locks, encryption barriers, deleted and unknown

content, and reviewing public domain social media and cloud-based data -can

also certainly, prevent important evidence from discovery.

seems like, For investigations to move forward, due to, teams need robust, efficient tools

as a result, to examine the device, and cloud data and produce therefore

meaningful likewise, insights without delays.

above all, UFED Ultimate offers market-leading access and to digital

also devices and unsurpassed capabilities

hence, but to extract and decode every ounce of data.

Delve deep and in the contract thoroughly review logical,

file system and physically extracted data

furthermore, to discover critical evidence and easily share findings

the entire investigative team.

UFED Ultimate, evidence hiding in plain sight on popular social media

ongoing software updates and support across a variety of hardware platforms,

in conclusion, ensure that teams have the leading-edge digital forensic

examination capabilities

when and where they are needed most.

With UFED Ultimate, extract evidence sooner.

after that Deliver actionable intelligence quicker.

Solve cases faster.