How to completely remove iCloud on activated iPhone with 2FA

Complete remove iCloud on activated iPhone with 2FA

Changing Apple ID Password and Removing iCloud Lock from apple servers.

A new method to remove unlock 100% icloud on activated devices if the 2-factor authentication is enabled. Changing Apple ID Password and Removing iCloud Lock.

If you have someone’s iPhone activated with access to the springboard but you don’t know the icloud password linked to that specific device, you can recover the passcode changing the icloud and Apple ID password.

this method will allow you to:

  • reset and re-activate the iPhone on another account
  • Discover the physical location of their other devices registered on the same Apple account
  • Remotely lock or erase those devices
  • Replace original user’s trusted phone number (from then on, you’ll be receiving that user’s 2FA codes to your own SIM card)
  • Access everything stored in the user’s iCloud account


Complete remove icloud on activated iPhone with 2FA

How to remove icloud on activated iPhone iPad iPod using two-factor authentication ( 2 FA )

  1. first, make sure you have 2FA enabled on the device go to icloud > passwords&security 2factor authentication ON
  2. go to the app find my iPhone type forget passcode – will ask you the iPhone passcode go to the next step.
  3. now you can change the icloud password and confirm
  4. go to icloud account and signout type the new password
  5. enjoy icloud 100% icloud free


This time and comparing the last unlock icloud BUG for clean devices with 2FA enabled this doesn’t seem to be any kind of bug. Apple did make a few changes on how you can manage your icloud and apple id on trusted devices.

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