R4z3r.apk.zip Download file ( android version) iCloud Unlock

Download R4z3r.apk.zip file ( android version) iCloud Unlock Tool

( Android version) iCloud Unlock Tool

Download R4z3r.apk.zip file ( android version) iCloud Unlock Tool


Adding your iDevices
1) Click the “R4z3r.apk.zip Add Device” button on the top navigation pane

2) Click “Select your iDevice…” and choose which one to add

3) Start completing  the boxes, starting from your IMEI
(if you have a cellular device) or Serial (WiFi Only)

4) [Cellular Only] If you have an IMEI and have entered it,
click “AutoFill” which should turn green if in a good format

5) [Cellular Only] Give the App a few seconds fetch your iDevice information.
The status is shown above the IMEI.

6) [Cellular Only] If successful, the App will have filled out some information
for you…

7) Selecting your Model from the list will download the iDevice thumbnail
straight away, ready for use

8) Select your Activation Lock Screen by clicking the orange button, then
tick the checkbox which shows which screen you have, then press “Confirm”

9) Once done, you will return to the form and should be ready to “Add & Track”.

10) Click “Add & Track” once complete, and the App will warn you if you missed
anything out, otherwise, it will complete the process for you. DONE!

Tracking your iDevices
When on the “Status” tab, you are free to select any of your iDevices from the
list to find out a bit more about it, and you can easier find the
iDevice you want by using “Search”…
You can return back to your list by clicking the ‘back key’ on your phone.
Selecting one particular iDevice gives you a few administrative tools to
monitor and manage your iDevice(s).


[Share] You can share details about each of your iDevices in a line-by-line
format, helpful in some cases on Twitter… (Model/IMEI/Serial/ActivationLock/FMI)

[Edit Title] This is independent of the model you select when adding; you

can rename this to something you would refer to each iDevice as, if appropriate.

[Delete] You may find you have duplicates in your list, which the App is not
yet ready to detect.

[Check FMI] This is only available to cellular iDevices as it is not possible for the
App to check serial numbers; it will fetch the FMI Status of the selected iDevice.

[Mark as Un/Locked] The FMI checker doesn’t always succeed in finding the FMI
status, (Use Only For
Reference – It Does Not Unlock Your iDevice!)



Future Updates
The Android App has been rushed, not to delay any important plans we have