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Another method for unlocking iCloud Activation Lock

Once you’ve identified the problem, we can see how to restore your cloud storage service profile.

When Colossus of Cupertino blocks an unlocking iCloud account, a few messages appear after logging on:

This Apple ID was simply disabled by security.

You cannot log in because your account has been disabled for security reasons.

The Apple ID has been blocked by security.

That said, we find the steps to follow:

Open the default browser and link to the page to retrieve the Apple ID.

The Empty field then enters your Apple ID, to begin with: Enter the iCloud account

(e.g., prova@icloud.com) and copy the verification code shown below.

After you press continue, choose whether you want to reset your password or security questions and click Continue again.

Select the method for which you want to continue with authentication in your account by choosing whether you want to

receive an email (to receive the Apple message at the registered email address) or to answer security questions for Unlock iCloud

by responding to the security questions you set up when you created your account. Continue to press continue.

If you have chosen the email option, wait for the message sent by the company Cupertino and follow the instructions inside by clicking on the link to unlock the account iCloud will change the password of the page that opens in the navigated.

If you have chosen to restore the profile through security questions, enter your date of birth in the appropriate drop-down menus and click Continue.
On the screen that appears, change the password for the account.

Note that if you have set two-step authentication, you must also enter the verification code received by SMS on the phone number you have written or on your device. Once this is done, reset the new password and press reset password. If you have tried several times in a row to unlock the account without success, iCloud will remain locked, but you can try again the next day.

Conclusion of how to delete a device from iCloud

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