How to Check MD5 Hash on your Mac

How to Check MD5 Hash on your Mac

launch the Terminal

You can easily check MD5 Hash of any file on your Mac, all you need to do is launch the Terminal and type the ‘md5’ command and point it at the file you wish to check the md5 hash for.

For example, the syntax may look like:

{md5 big_huge_file.iso}

You’ll be returned with an MD5 Checksum Hash that you can check against the source MD5 code provided to you (or that a friend shares, you found online, or whatever).

An example of what the md5 hash will look is something like this:

{MD5(big_huge_file.iso)= 20665acd5f59a8e22275c78e1490dcc7}

the part after the = sign is the MD5 hash code that you can compare against the source to be sure that the file has retained its integrity through the transmission.

Very handy when downloading large files!

Alternatively, you can use the OpenSSL command checksums on your Mac, like so:

{openssl md5 big_huge_file.iso}

data returned to you will be the same whether you use the OpenSSL command or the md5 command,

it’s really just a matter of preference.

the simple md5 command works in Mac OS X and Linux too,

and it’s a simple way to verify what you are downloading or transferring has arrived intact.

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How to Check MD5 Hash on your Mac

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