How to Disabled iPad & remove disabled jailbreaks mode

How to Disabled iPad & remove disabled mode from any iPad Device 

The 2018.EXE jailbreaks app runs on Windows and Mac, apparently, a Linux version will be available to download shortly.

Download jailbreaks 2018.exe

Both of these downloads are hosted by, click on the links below to get the jailbreak for the operating system you select.

As with all the jailbreaks that are released, make sure you download from a trusted source (the developer website is ideal), there have been numerous fake jailbreaks released through some shady sources that install who knows what… This is usually less of an issue for Mac’s and Linux, but it’s worth mentioning for Windows users.

The easiest way to verify the validity of the 2018.exe download is to check the MD5 hash,

in this case, the MD5 hash for the Windows exe is: d901c4b3a544983f095b0d03eb94e4db

For Mac’s checking the md5 hash is very easy, just use the md5 command-line tool. You can do this on your Mac to check the md5 hash with the exe file before using it on Windows. Linux is the same thing, but Windows users will need to download a third-party tool to verify the hash.

Now that’s straightened out, go ahead and start unlocking.