How To iCloud Unlock Your iPhone devices apple id

How To iCloud Unlock Your iPhone

Unlock Your iPhone

First things first, before going about the iCloud unlock process it is important to know

the state/status of the iPhone. Different services are available to help with this including SupportStore.Online which performs full IMEI checks. also, The IMEI is the device’s 15-digit

serial number, and you can find it by dialing *#06#. However, while, iPhone 5 and newer Apple

devices have the IMEI printed out on the back cover.

5-in-l iCloud unlock iPhone IMEI Lock Checker

What’s locking your iPhone?

Identify & Fix Hidden IMEI


Take the first step to

get your iPhone unlocked

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Checker online:

iPhone SIM Lock Status Check

The SupportStore website can help you find out about the status of an iPhone.

The status check will also reveal whether the iPhone has been locked in any other way,

for instance, if it is carrier-locked. However, with this eBook, we will focus specifically

on the iCloud lock.

Did you recently purchase a used iPhone and realized that the phone is locked to the

previous iCloud account? If your iPhone has an iCloud lock on it, it means that regardless

of how much you paid for your second-hand phone, the previous owner can still block

you from using it. They can do this by keeping the device locked to their iCloud account

and not allowing you to log into the phone.

There are two ways to get an iCloud unlocked

by having the previous owner unlock it or by using a service that specializes in unlocking

iCloud locks.

The service frees your phone from the previous owner’s account and allows

you to set up your own unlocked iCloud account on that phone, meaning you can start

making calls, sending messages, and using apps.