How to Remove iCloud on iPhone with Menu Access Available

How to Remove iCloud on iPhone with Menu Access Available

Remove iCloud on iPhone with Menu Access Available

There is a new bug to remove iCloud on activated iPhone devices.

There seems to be a new iCloud unlock bug on ios 11.
Activated devices mean you need to be on called springboard screen also menu screen.

Now the first thing, you need to do is to go in your iPhone settings and open iCloud the Menu section.

You can see in the video find my iPhone is ON and the iCloud is activated.

The find my iPhone button, is where you can find the New bug to unlock iCloud on activated iPhone.

your welcome to try this method but you should know it really doesn’t work as fast as in the video.

iPhone with iOS11.3.x

This bug only works if you can go back to the previous screen (iCloud menu)

first type in iCloud word as fast as you can tap the green button to turn off…


if you tried this trick & tried to disconnect the iCloud without a password just like you see in the video & end up returning to the

iCloud menu screen without typing any password then you’re ready for the next step.

Now just go to general settings then go to reset options & reset all your settings :

New bug to unlock icloud on activated Iphone

“Your iPhone will now restart & once it’s done that you must confirm if your find my iPhone option

is still ON or OFF by trying to sign out from iCloud on your device.

Follow these steps to know if everything went as expected, go to the iCloud menu and press sign out,

the iPhone will now exit from iCloud on the Apple servers, now you are definitely without iCloud on

your device, you can add a new account and use the iPhone as normal”


as expected this method may not work in all cases, you should know

however the bugs may require other features to work 100%, If it doesn’t for you then more

information about this new ios11.x iCloud bug will be updated soon.