iCloud REMOVAL guide for ipad all 3g models

iCloud REMOVAL guide for iPad all 3g models

Remove Icloud guide for iPad all 3g models

iCloud REMOVAL if you have one iPad with 3g gsm you can unlock using the remover resister method, this will only need the right iPad icloud Remove Guide and schemes. It’s not easy but must for mobile repair shops use this method. Working 100% if you don’t make any mistake. This tool iPad icloud Remove Guide is a compiled software for all pads working with this method.

all steps you will need also provided in the docs :

1. On iPad 3G the Model A1459 (GSM) remove resistors r1205.On the iPad 4 3G Model A1460 (CDMA) remove the resistor r1204.
2. iPad 4 3G will enter DFU mode.
3. Connect the iPad 4 3G to your PC or Mac.
4. After that, you need to restore the iPad 4 3G through iTunes with the firmware of Wi-Fi model and activate using the official method.
5. Turn off the automatic firmware update: Settings \ iTunes Store, App Store \ Automatic download \ Updates.
6. Done!

Remove Icloud guide for iPad all 3g modelsthis is the free method, if you have right tools you can unlock your iPad and use it normally without icloud, the only problem, you will remove 3G, 3g will not work, using this method you convert 3G iPad in a wifi only iPad.

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