Minacriss bypass icloud SERVER is paid now

Minacriss bypass icloud SERVER is paid now

bypass icloud SERVER is paid now

update 3-3-2016

NOTE: Minacriss is back on removals services and icloud bypass we will keep updating the info.

ADD Host file/mac or windows

Server IP ( NEW HOST ) 

Minacriss bypass icloud SERVER is paid now albert.apple.com support.apple.com


Please read this note:

Bypass for iOS 7.1.1 or lower for wifi only devices $80 USD send payment and udid to swaggatechrepairs@gmail.com PayPal Minacriss will not support gsm devices because he doesn’t have time to explain each one how to fix the activation loop



How it works!

Minacriss bypass icloud SERVER is paid now


This method is for Activation only, (you can use it as iPod) not full bypass, no network.

One of the most famous developers able to unlock and bypass icloud

the ex doulci Minacriss and Jesus Prat developed a new method that also uses one

exploit albert.apple.com.

this last few weeks minacriss server has been bypassing more than 100 devices with success.

If the server is online it’s easy to unlock, activate all iDevices that have ios 7.1.1 or lower.

This Activate the device with iTunes after adding a new IP to the host file Mac or PC.

After the payment by PayPal.  Minacriss will contact you ask UDID and activated with iTunes. 

The new owner can now set up the new iDevice but will not be able to make calls,

the activation of the network requires another method of registration.

The minacriss team will make a

website to get the orders I will make updates information related to minacriss bypass.

Minacriss bypass icloud SERVER is paid now if you want to use this method just send your UDID in the payment PayPal notes. (You can find system log and your udid number with tools 3 software download it here ) unzip password: itoolsen.blogspot.com

NOTE: We hope with this new working method all GSX unlock can low the prices, also the people that have ios < 7.1.1 can use pads as a complete wifi device. iPhones can use as iPod, iPods will work as normal.

Additional information about bypass with minacriss server

itools ( to check device info ) unzip Password: iunlockdevice.com

https://iunlockdevice.com will keep working for a free solution to unlock/bypass icloud keep following us for latest news