New 2018 iCloud tool GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker

New 2018 iCloud tool GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker

GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker

GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker. This last week we talk about GrayKey a powerful hardware/software iPhone unlocker from Grayshift.

How it works GrayKey is a gray box, 10 centimeters wide box, with two lightning cables sticking out of the front. As can be seen in the picture above,

the GrayKey works on the latest hardware iOS11.2.5 or iOS11.2.6, and at least on iOS up to 11.2.5 which was likely the most current system at the time this image was taken.


GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker

This GrayKey box is similar to IPBOX2, don’t look this is using similar

iPhone exploit and from this picture we can see is much faster to crack

6 digits passcode but in the end you can unlock any iPhone passcode and

access to sensitive information: account credentials, names, and phone numbers,

email messages, text messages, banking account information, even credit card numbers

or social security numbers. All of this information, even the most seemingly

innocuous, has value on the black market and can be used to steal your identity,

access your online accounts etc.

GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker

The existence of the GrayKey isn’t hugely surprising, nor is it a sign that the sky is falling.
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American startup named Grayshift Promises To Unlock iPhone X

Thanks to Malwarebytes, we now know what this mysterious device looks like, and how it works. And while technology is a good thing for law enforcement, it presents some significant security risks.