New iCloud Bug Found To Remove iCloud Devices

New iCloud Bug Found To Remove iCloud on Activated Devices

Remove iCloud on Activated Devices

New iCloud Bypass crash has been found by

iHackiT/UnlockMe.and reported to iunlockdevice.

Video prof by iHackiT/UnlockMe.YouTUBE.

Verified by iHackiT/UnlockMe October 8, 2018,

works with Windows only.

Follow these steps to try bypass:

  • iCloud Bug Found Download and install Windows app Dr.Fone Switch patched Download Here
  • Connect device on iOS 11.* to Windows PC via USB.
  • Start the iOS device and don’t connect to Wi-Fi, press Activate with iTunes.
  • Start Dr.Fone Switch app and press “Switch” button.
  • You will get activation bypassed and dialog of setup Touch ID.
  • Once you see springboard press power button to lock then unlock again.
  • Warning! Don’t enter the passcode.



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This supposed flaw was discovered by Turkish security researcher Melih Sevim.

Sevim found that he could access random iCloud accounts – and even target specific iCloud users – just by knowing their phone numbers.

“Simply knowing a person’s mobile phone number was allowing [the] attacker to see that person’s iCloud data with this flaw,” Melih told The Sun.

“[The] attacker was adding the victim’s mobile number as his number without any verification.

“And Apple was syncing the iCloud data to [the] attackers account.”

The issue is now believed to have been fixed, but there

appears to be no public knowledge of the bug ever having existed.

And Melih claims that even though he alerted Apple to the problem, the company failed to pay him as part of its

Bug Bounty reporting program.

“My first discovery of this vulnerability was [the] end of

October,” said Melih, speaking to The Sun.

“My first contact with Apple was on the 12th of November

about this issue.

“After my first contact, they asked a lot of details and documentation about this. I answered all and prepared

an article.

“Apple responded [quickly] – we were infrequent

communication with them until they fix the flaw.

“After their job is done and the flaw is fixed, they

stopped the conversation and stopped messaging

back to me.