New iOS 12 Bug found to Crash all & any iDevice

New iOS 12 Bug found to Crash all & any iDevice

This new “HYPHEN” Bug can crash your iDevice on New iOS 12 Bug.

it is nothing but a dictation bug that can crash an iPhone if you’re using

dictation on any search bar with iOS 12  to 12.2.

The bug will work on any iDevice that’s using the latest versions of iOS 12.

I sometimes wonder from time to time. How is this still possible on the most

advanced mobile operating system?


This is not something that can harm your device,
I first saw this bug on the everything apple pro channel even tho he saw this

on a previous YouTube channel himself.
I’ll put a link to the original sources in the description section down below.

It is so funny that some of the most secured iPhones and app software are in

the world can be hacked or crushed by just a simple string of text or characters.


Requirements to do this is having an iPhone running iOS 12.x.
first, you go to the iOS search bar option located on the right spotlight then
hit on the dictation button and say – – – – –


Please Note: if you say it slow it won’t crash the device also it will even work from your
lock screen so if I say it here – – – – – it just continues to crash the iPhone
a thing so simple can crash one of the most advanced mobile operating systems in one

of the most secure platforms in the world right now let’s go to settings here,
because you can also do this in settings right here the search tab here in settings and

if we say the same thing – – – – – HÍFEN HÍFEN HÍFEN HÍFEN … just like that it crashes.
The application would also work in messages if you go to the app imessages and go

on the dictation when I enable it – – – – – it crashes the iMessage app.
If you go to the images search section and tap on dictation – – – – – it will completely

blank the screen on your iPhone. that’s very very interesting,
it sort of freezes settings or all apps and messages.
and will say unavailable to load images. so it’s sort of interesting we can’t even click on

this anymore.
We have to go back and do it again.

New iOS 12 Bug found to Crash all & any iDevice

It’s so amazing to see how something so simple can crash the iPhone and actually

works on an iPhone XS running iOS 12.1.1 as you have seen in the video. 

I pray iOS 13 doesn’t get affected by as many of these dictation bugs or character 

bugs like iOS 12 & 11 did, because there are so much of those bugs out there Apple has to keep patching, throughout the new versions of the iOS announcements.