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The Legality of an iCloud Permanently Unlock (Activation Lock Removal)

A recent news report from a reputed tech media site revealed the dirty underbelly

of the secondary iPhone market that paints a dismal and stark picture about

the legality of doing an iCloud unlock. Is this view justified, especially considering that

it only talks about how an official process can be misused by hackers and phishing

specialists for criminal purposes? We hope to offer a more balanced view of the issue.

Please note that this is by no means legal advice being shared here. It is merely a

counter-opinion to the one penned by the original reporter.

To say that an iCloud unlock or an activation lock removal is outright illegal might

be a bit naive, for starters. Understandably, there’s some confusion around the term

‘unlock’ itself. One type of unlocking is called a subsidy unlock or a carrier unlock.

This is different from an iCloud activation lock, which is Apple’s practice of associating

a maximum of one iCloud account with any of its iDevices capable of cellular communication.


That means permanently Unlock iPhones and iPads with Wi-Fi and Cellular.

When that one account is inaccessible, the phone or tablet in question is said to

be iCloud-locked. What that means is that nobody but the original iCloud account

owner can use the device. To call this impractical would be a gross understatement

because there are tons of devices out there that are second-hand and locked.

Apple itself unlocks iCloud if you can prove that the device is indeed yours.

There are also third-party service providers who are authorized to make such

changes to an iPhone’s iCloud activation status.

This is the existing system. Enter hackers and thieves, who steal iPhones and iPads

and try to get them unlocked by various illegal methods.


That’s where the confusion arises around the legality of an iCloud unlock.

To elaborate, these hackers often generate fake purchase receipts for these stolen devices.

They get the information from certain databases in an illegal manner, and then

approach an Apple Store or a Genius Bar requesting an unlock. In other cases,

they use elaborate phishing kits to fool the original owner into providing their

iCloud credentials, often mimicking official Apple branding to make the phishing

attempt look genuine.

What’s worse, some phone repair shops do “official” iPhone unlocks using not-so-official

methods like reprogramming the CPU with a new and “clean” IMEI number,

which is the unique fingerprint of any mobile cellular device. This is a highly risky

practice, and not very common, thankfully.

That being said, the end effect of all this drama is that genuine iCloud unlock

services like ours get a bad rap. There are only a handful of vendors who can do

a proper and legit iCloud activation lock removal for you, and we’re one of them.

It is up to you to use the service responsibly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service

team for assistance. They’ll be happy to help you make the decision to unlock

iCloud and remove the activation lock on an iPad or iPhone.




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