filza Removes iCloud Activation Lock using new unlock

Remove iCloud Activation Lock using new unlock tool {filza}

Remove iCloud Activation Lock using filza. If you have an iPhone or iPad activated but you don’t know the icloud password or you buy the device and you can not remove icloud from it, this can help you to remove icloud on the latest ios11.2 – iOS11.3.1 including the iOS11.4beta3.

How does this work?

This only works if you have access to the iPhone springboard. you will need to jailbreak first with the latest ios11.3.1 ELECTRA jailbreak and then all steps are on the device. After remove icloud do not restore update or reset settings, this method only removes icloud on the device not from Apple servers, the device still linked to the first icloud id activation.


  1. First, check if you are on a supported device ( iOS11.x – iOS11.3.1 including iOS11.4beta3)
  2. Download Electra Jailbreak from here and jailbreak
  3. go to Cydia and search for Filza and download to your device
  4. open Filza and navigate to var/mobile/library/accounts open this folder
  5. Remove/delete all from accounts, tree files. check video tutorial
  6. close all apps
  7. sign out from iTunes, iMessage, facetime ( only if you signed from old icloud)
  8. restart your device
  9. add new icloud id/apple id
  10. done


Important Note:

After remove icloud with filza, sign out also the old apple id from iMessage SMS, facetime app and from iTunes. after all these steps you need restart your device for a complete sign out from the old icloud. After the restart, you should add new icloud ID/Apple ID.