How to Remove icloud FMI activated devices

How to Remove icloud FMI activated devices

How to remove icloud id and turn off find my iPhone on all activated ios

FULL TUTORIAL to Remove icloud FMI activated devices

Once again Remove icloud FMI activated devices First we need backup made with no icloud id and FMI! > you can download my files |ios8.02| or you can make your own the best one is ios 7.1.2 because it’s compatible with all up to 7.1.2

Please follow these steps, you need to make a backup please use with a password in iTunes like 123456 it’s very easy, I decrypt my backup with code 123456

Now we go and pick the backup on iTunes files folder for windows is >
\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
and put the folder look like this one picture.

How to Remove icloud FMI activated devices


Remove icloud FMI activated devices

this is how my backup look like also the files you need my newlibimobiledevice
it’s not big file most of the files are just code.

Now we run this file idevicebackup2:  Type cmd and just drag the file there

Now we type this options: you will need your UDID |u can find your udid with itools| or just use the idevice_id command.


Download backup files ios8 without icloud and fmi

Download new libimobidedevice for windows 


Other Backup downloads

– 1º UDID is the icloud locked device, the 2 UDID is the one you going inject ok

-u b16a17ad5a633d41391aa01da83c4a4e510c172e -s beo80de402740906c45fce66ad78f46c3a1762iu restore –system –reboot –settings –password 123456 C:\Users\myicloud\Desktop\Newlibimobiledevice

After we connect the iDevice via USB and type all option in the windows cmd running the idevicebackup2 you will press enter

How to Remove icloud FMI activated devices


but will not work because have FMI on and you have the icloud id but don’t worry will work

now we going make it work ok see how this bug works, prepare all libimobile option to run but not press enter, wait, go to your activated device in general options and make a reset all settings NOT ERASE ALL CONTENT if you are using passcode type if not just press yes reset all.

How to Remove icloud FMI activated devices

Now the device will restart its normal but after some short time you will see the Apple logo and will start running a line also you will listing the noise of a window of the computer detecting the device , NOW BE FAST JUST RIGHT AFTER THE WINDOWS NOISE DETECTING THE DEVICE PRESS ENTER on libimobile cmd line with all udid options.

All process will run / the fmi is in sleep mode and we can inject the backup //// is that simple after 2 or 3 minutes the device will finish the restore and you will have your icloud removed also FMI is off. You can add the new one and update to new ios firmware but only via iDevice
PLEASE NOTE: This method doesn’t remove icloud from apple server. But you can now jailbreak and use it 100%.



Remove icloud FMI activated devices