New iOS 11.4.1 iCloud Removal for activated Devices

Hurry & use this method b4 they patch it

This method was recently discovered and will soon be patched so please try it asap before they patch it because it worked for me 1000% 5 days ago

New iOS 11.4.1 iCloud Removal for activated Devices

iCloud Removal for activated Devices

New iCloud Removal for activated devices on IOS 11.4.1. Here is a fully working tutorial to
remove iCloud on iOS 11.4.1 but please note: for this method to work you will need to know
the phone number # linked to the iPhone iPod or iPad device.

Important note: before restoring or trying to erase all data, try to find
the phone number linked to the device.
There are a few easy ways to find the number like {using siri}, for example,
asking the question  ( Siri what is my phone number ).


Here are a few things you will need  to remove iCloud on IOS 11.4.1

  • Go to the icloud menu on iPhone and click sign out / turn off
  • enter 2 times any password
  • click reset password
  • enter the email linked to the phone if asked
  • enter the phone number the phone is linked ( you will see some digits )
  • Now click ( don’t have access to this phone number ).
  • click on start recovery
  • Enter a New phone number (the one you can access )
  • Confirm the recovery phone number
  • go to settings and reset all settings

As soon as the device  restarts you must immediately go  to

settings > privacy > location services > System services >  Click ( Find My iPhone ) off >

and now click on the ( ? ) 

  • Enter the recovery phone number
  • then enter the 6 digits passcode
  • & enter new cloud password
  • DONE ( now you can remove the cloud from Apple servers )

I m confident in this method to remove iCloud using official apple method from recovering the iCloud ID,

The rest of what you need to do is only following these steps this works on IOS {11.4.1}