How to Bypass iCloud on the new IOS 12 WITH BUG ATTACK

How to Bypass iCloud on the new IOS 12 WITH BUG ATTACK

There is a new bug that came out on iPhone passcode using IOS 12.
this seems to be the same kind of bug that we see from time to time on an IOS update.
This method works by using Siri and some voice-over instructions to bypass iPhone passcode.
bypassing iPhone passcode is one of the most trending searches by iPhone hackers.
In this post, i am going to share with you one of my solutions to bypass forgotten password on iPhone using the latest firmware version iOS 12.


I have confirmed a bug on video using iOS 12. it allows hackers to bypass the passcode on iPhone devices

and access the photos stored in the gallery and contacts by simply using the Siri app.

I have Discovered that this bug can be exploited when using the voice over of a locked iPhone.

To hack the device, the exploit also involves invoking Siri, so if the digital assistant is disabled on your device,

then you’re in luck.



This is an alternative version with similar results to the second video using the same bug.

The good thing is, the hacker needs to have physical access to your device.

that means even if you don’t disable Siri on the lock screen.

It will be very impossible to access your photos if you always have your iPhone with you.

can’t say the same if your iPhone gets stolen tho!, Now we know iOS12 have really some crazy bugs probably apple will update soon as possible to fix this and other security bugs, in which case Find My iPhone is very useful to protect your device?

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