Change IMEI and unlock any iPhone and iPad – All IOS

Change imei and unlock any iPhone and iPad – All iOS

How to Change IMEI and unlock any device completely free, the Magic ip (Host)

the file is replaced by the original iTunes and wait for the activation screen to

appear – Change imei Tool – Copy the imei and place a new imei Press the

Change button Imei Reboot the device and activate with a Sim Card enjoy

your new device activated.

Select an option to download all files

Option 1 Download

This method is 80% effective for any iPhone or iPad, Change IMEI it is the only way there is to change any imei in ios is completely free, this VPS server is connected via IP to the server Albert hosts by setting a new certificate in the device.With downloadable servers, you can select from these options 1 or 2 and enjoy everything option

2 Download

This is a mirror server of the caul is connected through the host’s

 file of iTunes.

This server unlocks any device by creating a unique certificate that bypasses

the icloud activation screen.

Download Option 3

The VPS server connects every 12 hours, use with 4 devices per day.
Download all the files in the free download option.
The VPS server is now active.
Connect the device to iTunes.
Put in DFU mode.

Download everything in the download options.

Download Option 4