What are The Different iCloud Lock Situations and status

Different iCloud Lock Situations

iCloud Lock Situations

Lock Situations and status Now, the chances are that most iPhones sold as used devices will still have the
iCloud activation lock mistakenly left on by the previous owner.

The first thing that anyone will think when they come across an iCloud locked Apple

device is that it is stolen. However, in 50% of these cases, it is often a simple matter

of human error.

a dubious seller or end up buying one of these phones from an unscrupulous dealer who
puts it on Lock Mode after selling it to you.

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50% of iCloud locked iPhone issues are often as a result of human error, with the

original user forgetting to unlink the device from their iCloud.

When it comes to resells, the Apple support website states that you are responsible

when it comes to making sure that the iPhone you buy from a seller, other than

Apple and its approved resellers are not iCloud locked.

If you are in the shopping stage for an iPhone and

are exploring buying an iCloud locked phone because

of its considerably low cost, before taking possession

of the phone to find out if it is iCloud locked.

Different iCloud Lock

If you happen

to buy the phone from a seller face-to-face, it is possible to physically check on this and

solve the problem on the spot.

In the case that you had the iPhone shipped out to you, then you would have to get them

original user to remove/unlink the device from their iCloud account.

Likewise, it is possible that the iPhone could be yours and you have just forgotten your



If you end up with an iCloud locked iPhone, and you are unable to get a hold of the

seller anymore to solve this problem, then you can now go ahead and explore iCloud

unlock options.

Once again, this is what this eBook is all about, and it will help you know how to legally

approach the iCloud unlocking process.