What is The iCloud Activation Lock Apple ID and its purpose

The iCloud Activation Lock

The iCloud Activation Lock uses your Apple ID and password to secure your phone from unauthorized access Apple ID. What it means is that as the original iPhone or Apple device owner, it is only you who can bypass the activation by entering your iCloud credentials.

Activate Find My iPhone through your iPhone’s settings

The remote lock is possible by just logging into your iCloud account, via the iCloud website, and turning on Mode. The Find My iPhone feature will then assist in the process of trying to trace a lost/misplaced iPhone. The function also displays the phone’s last locations during the last twenty-four hours. 

If your phone requests the Apple ID as shown in the 1st picture – this service will help you to take the lock off.

If your iPhone is listed in Blacklist (Lost and Erased) and requests Apple Account (Apple ID) as shown in the 2nd picture below, this service will be able to lock off your phone.

This service is designed for “Find my iPhone” lock removal in iCloud. If you forgot or don’t know your Apple ID (Apple account) or its password, or if you forgot the password for the iCloud service, and the function “Find my iPhone” is active for your iPhone, then you won’t be able to activate your device after the flash or iOS update, and that device will be absolutely useless.



This service is not for $5. The actual cost of this service is the US $99 for any models.


# IMEI based service.

# No need to purchase my gig from Fiverr. (Just send a message and discuss everything.)

# If you need to lock off then you have to pay first via PP & wait 1 week to 4 weeks(maximum) for unlocking your phone.