What is The Role Of Find My iPhone Activation Lock

The Role Of Find My iPhone Activation Lock

first of all, The Activation Lock, in essence, makes sure that you are the only person able to use your
Apple devises furthermore, with your Apple login credentials.

Activation Lock automatically switches on when you turn on the Find My iPhone feature.

because, When the Find My iPhone feature is on, you will need your Apple ID and password to switch
the feature off on the device itself, while, erasing your iPhone data, and reactive your iPhone again for use.

so, Even if the iPhone’s data is deleted remotely, above all, the Activation Lock will continue to deter
unauthorized access and or reactivation of the phone by anyone other than its rightful owner.

Find My iPhone Activation Lock

Activating the Lock Mode relays a message with a contact number running on the lost iPhone’s screen.

most noteworthy, If you, unfortunately, lose your phone, you certainly, should immediately put it on Lost Mode hence, via find my phone app
or Find My iPhone service on the iCloud website.

The Lost Mode activation also allows you to relay a message with your preferred
contact number across your lost iPhone’s screen.

This alerts whoever comes across it that the phone has been stolen/misplaced.

The Lock Mode can be activated via the Find My iPhone service on the iCloud website.

The Lock Mode will lock your iPhone using a four or six-digit passcode,
and a custom message displaying your phone number will keep on flashing on its screen.

Once the Lock Mode gets activated, the only way to unlock the phone is to enter your
Apple ID and password on the iPhone.

If you have a feeling that your iPhone has been stolen, you may choose to remotely erase its data.
The Remote Erase will wipe off all your personal information and restore the iPhone back to its factory mode.

Even with the phone data erased, the custom message with your phone number will continue to run on
it’s screen in attempts to help get your device back to you.

If the iPhone is recovered, all your information can be restored from the iCloud backup.