unlock iCloud Methods will work on most models

New unlock iCloud Methods will work on most models

Best unlock Icloud Methods will work ON MOST MODELS – what you need to know

unlock iCloud Looking for some icloud fix unlock methods here is best free methods.

Methods will work for free:

a backup method

Apple invoice

iphish method

Ipad hardware method

Find icloud password on the backup


Methods will not work :

  • Doulci team ( they are dead since 2014 ) do not buy or try any icloud
  • bypass activator is JUST all Fake don’t lose your money and time.
  • Remove setup.app ( also called inject custom firmware )  iPhone 4 yes,
  • others All fake many videos about cfw but apple will not let you restore
  • a CFW not signed and edited.  All theory not really live, don’t lose your
  • time I did more 1000 times many iDevices with libi mobile dev.
  • You will need many exploits to make this work. Not working


  • Any other download software ALL FAKE 100 %: I work/talk a lot
  • with icloud developers probably I know them all. Also,
  • check download section, you can find many icloud unlock
  • software xampp files free download you can try all but they
  • are old not work now.


  • Fiddler Method certification files, Fiddler is a free web
  • debugging proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your
  • computer and the Internet you will need true_certs from apple.


Methods will work Paid service:

  • GSX unlock ( you must have one official Apple account )
  • Apple support ( contact apple if you legit owner)
  • Phishing methods ( almost all icloud twitter accounts are phishing )
  • Remote Server Activation ( working server here )
  • Apple id finder via UDID, SN or IMEI ( with gsx service )


unlock Icloud Methods will work on most devices